Benefits of Selling Real Estate at Auction

Commercial, Residential, Land

  • Potential buyers come prepared to buy, there are no 2nd chances at a real estate auction. 
  • A real estate auction reduces long term carrying costs on the property, including taxes, maintenance, utility bills, etc.
  • The assurance that the property will be sold at the true fair market value.
  • The property will be exposed to a large number of prequalified buyers.
  • A real estate auction creates competition amongst prequalified buyers.
  • The seller can plan for the future, they know exactly when their property will sell and close.
  • A real estate auction assures the seller that their property will be aggressively marketed to drive the interest. We put a spotlight on the property so it stands out among the multitude of traditionally listed properties.
  • The seller can play an active role in how their property is marketed.